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Whether it’s a celebration of the anticipated arrival of your little one (big congrats!) OR an extra trendy gift for someone special, Flynn Jaxon is here to make your wish-listed shopping experience as simple and convenient as possible, for both you and your guests!
We’re also just a click + call away, so if you or your guests have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to ask us, we’re always happy to help :)
Plus, we’re big on communications here at FJ HQ, so you will always be kept in the loop with the status of your Registry, any purchases and the bulk shipment of your gifts, as it approaches your event date.
All that’s then left for you to do, is enjoy the celebration!
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How It Works
  1. FIND | Looking for an already created FJ Registry? 
To quickly locate a Registry, simply search the First / Last Name of a registrant OR co-registrant. You will then be directed to the search results, where you can click on the desired Registry and begin shopping.
Before you checkout, don’t forget to add a little note with your order and we will happily include this with your individually wrapped gift – at no additional cost to you :)
Let’s get searching! ---> click here
  1. CREATE | Register your celebration with us!
Setting this up is FREE and takes just a few moments. Simply, complete the sign up form to create your FJ customer profile, activate your account and secure with a password. Voila! You’re now ready to get started and create your very own FJ Gift Registry.
  • Personalise your Registry with an image and welcome message to family + friends.
  • It is NB to note that the “event date” you select, is the date in which FJ HQ will ensure to have all your Registry gifts delivered by.
  • All gift orders received, will be collected and held for safe keeping at FJ HQ. We then ensure that all individually wrapped gifts, are sent together to arrive in time – i.e. before the specified “event date”. Alternatively, you can also select a shipping address option for us to ship after the “event date” if you prefer.
  • Once you have finished adding all your wish-listed gifts to your Registry, we will then provide you with a link to share with your family + friends so they can easily shop your Registry. 
  • Another bonus is that all Registry orders will qualify for FREE SHIPPING – it’s our gift to you :) Look out for the unique Discount Code, that will be sent to you with your Registry Link and be sure to share this with your family + friends, for them to use at checkout.
 [P.S. Adding wish-listed items to your Registry does not mean they are reserved for purchase. Only paid orders secure the product/s purchased. Therefore, we would encourage you to inform your guests - maybe in your personalized Registry welcome message - to shop items whilst stocks last].
Let’s get started! ---> click here
  1. MANAGE | It’s just a click away!
With this all being online, it’s easy to login and view/manage all your gifts, at any time that’s convenient for you and in the comfort of your own home – with a cuppa tea in hand ;)
Let’s go ----> click here
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Some FJ Gift Registry FAQ’s
Why choose an online Registry? It’s all at your fingertips and you won’t even have to leave the comfort of your home! It’s a convenient way for your family + friends (whether near or far), to shop your wish-listed items, know they’ll be gift-wrapped and safely delivered to your door.
Is there cost to setup an FJ Gift Registry? Nope, nada, nix, it’s mahala! Yip, you read this correctly, our FJ Gift Registry is a completely FREE service offered by us especially for you :)
How will I know my gift has been shipped? Each order placed online, will receive a unique tracking number from our outsourced courier service. Once the Registry gift has been shipped, your guest will receive an email directly from the store, confirming all tracking details for their order. FJ HQ will also pop an email to the registrant and/or co-registrant, confirming all tracking information; so that the necessary persons are in the loop for the anticipated special delivery.
Can I shop FJ without having a Gift Registry? Yes of course! You do not need a Registry to be able to browse and shop our store.
All customers are welcome :)
Changed your mind about a gift you’ve received? Not a problem! Simply contact us and we will do our best to assist you with any return/exchange, in accordance with our returns/exchange process (you'll find a link for this in the footer section of our store).
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If you at any time you or your guests, have any questions/concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact us via or our dedicated FJ HQ mobile on 0784373273 – we are always more than happy to assist :)
Thank you for your support and enjoy your celebration!
🖤 The FJ Team

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